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Welcome to Aruba Motorcycle Tours

If you want to rent a motorcycle to tour Aruba in a group or by yourself, we can help.

You can rent a Harley from us and quickly be on your way to trying all kinds of Aruba activities.

Aruba is a beautiful island nation that is popular among vacationers from all around the world. Between the spas, beaches, restaurants, and other exciting activities there is never a dull moment for people who decide to come to Aruba. Many travelers never think about opting to rent a motorcycle to travel around the isle. If you think it would be fun to rent a Harley during your vacation, contact us today. We offer motorcycle tours twice per day. These excursions are led by guides who have years of experience. You will get to see a number of sites that you might not have had time to visit otherwise. If you would rather go on a self-guided tour, that is completely fine. Simply let us know what your preference is when you come in to rent a motorcycle. Your bike will give you access to all of the most enjoyable Aruba activities.

 Your trip to Aruba just got better! Whether it is that you seek to join a guided tour or simply look for that cool feeling of touring the island on a motorcycle, no need to look any further - we offer it!

We offer island tours in small groups daily in the morning as well as in the afternoon with experienced tour guides. If that’s not your thing and you prefer to tour the island by yourself, not a problem at all with our Harley-Davidson rental offers.

Either way you will enjoy riding through the endless variety of island landscapes Aruba has to offer with stunning scenery all along - and all that paired with the comfort of our Harley Davidson motorcycles

Our tours include visiting famous landmarks like the

  • Alto Vista Chapel
  • California Lighthouse
  • Casibari Rock formation
  • Frenchman’s Pass
  • Colorado point and many other spectacular sites...

Our tour guides keep you out of busy traffic, so more touring for you!

Your comfort and safety is important to us. We take pride in our motorcycles and provide you with well maintained and clean bikes at all times. DOT approved helmets are also provided.

But before the touring fun begins we want to point out one more detail: We provide FREE PICK-UP & DROP-OFF SERVICE

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